With a crane from MAD, it’s easy to load heavy weights in your van. MAD is a Dutch company that specialises in shock absorbers that also offers cranes.

With the mobile overhead transporter/crane EasyLoad, you can easily handle loads up to 500 kg and place it exactly where you want. When the cargo is in place, the crane is easily pushed to the side above the service interior so as not to take up space and be in the way. Good working environment for you and the best driving characteristics for the van. The wire is 8 meters long, which makes it easy to hoist heavy things below ground level, such as a pump from a well. The crane is mounted on a self-supporting frame that is bolted to the van’s existing attachment points. When you change vans, you easily move your Easy Load crane with you. If you change the size of the van, a new frame may be needed, the rest can be moved to the new vehicle. Two power cables are needed for the van’s existing battery or one extra battery.


MAD EasyLoad is designed to drastically change the daily routine for companies in the industry. From now on, heavy and difficult lifts can be handled by a single person with maintained security and a minimum of effort.

New opportunities emerge. What has previously been difficult to load can now be handled with ease. Invest in increased flexibility to a reasonable amount, and at the same time ease the workload for your staff with the mobile crane MAD EasyLoad.

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