With van racking and double floors, you maximize the space in your service van, while at the same time making it safer. This is a highly sought after solution from many customers. You can access everything you need quickly and easily. When you have an organised van, you can focus on your actual job!

A double floor is a raised floor where you can choose to store things both under and on top of the floor itself. We recommend that you install long drawers under the double floor and van racking on top. A double floor gives you a more efficient workplace, but above all, a safer vehicle.

With the long pull-out drawers under the double floor, you get an overview of what you store in your drawers, and a place to safely store and transport tools and materials. If you have a work van with a side door, you have the option of having long drawers mounted under the double floor that can be pulled out sideways. This makes your work van even more practical, safe, and ergonomic! It is possible to install three long boxes in the smallest vans on the market today. Van racking double floors are extra effective in vans where you may not step into the van itself, but where you want to have access to all tools through pull-out drawers.

Are you unsure how to decorate your particular work van? Contact us and we will help you choose a customised, ready-made solution, or we can help you design a completely new solution – everything according to your wishes.

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