air suspension for van | System Edstrom


Heating company Vaillant operates in a competitive market place, where customer service and good first-time fix rates are essential. They also operate a large fleet of vans serving all parts of the country, so efficiency, cost-effectiveness and safety are also high on the agenda.

Vaillant approached System Edström looking for a supplier that could design a van racking solution that could meet all these needs. Our years of expertise and existing relationship with the company made us the natural choice. We have converted over 350 of the company’s vans since 2014. We are now working on even more Vaillant vehicles  for 2019.

The answer to the challenge was a move to smaller vehicles with a much smarter installation. The racking system designed by System Edström is able to carry the range of stock that Vaillant’s engineers need every day to maintain their excellent first-time fix record.

With a fleet of around 400 vehicles, efficiency is paramount. So fuel costs are a major consideration. We provided a much lighter racking solution that could carry everything an engineer might need while considerably reducing the on-the-road weight of the vehicle. The resultant reduction in fuel costs is a major benefit to Vaillant.

The system also provides easier, safer access to tools and parts for the engineer. As with all such operations, Vaillant is continually looking at ways to improve its working conditions and reduce the risk of injury, so our solution has proved to be of great value to the company.

And, as ever, we took control of the process from the outset. Our dedicated account manager handled Vaillant’s requirements from start to finish. Delivery of new vehicles was direct to our premises, where all work and inspections were carried out to our exacting standards before the completed vans joined the Vaillant fleet.