UK update on our Covid-19 response


Dear Customers and Suppliers,

System Edström UK operational update  27th May 2020 

The health and safety of our team at System Edström remains paramount as we continue through the Coronavirus pandemic. Over the past weeks we have been working with team leaders, key partners and industry advisers on the optimum way to operate. Our key personnel have been working within the business to get ‘the new-normal’ into place, testing new workshop procedures and processes in order to help protect our staff and the business. Thanks go to them for their hard work, understanding and efforts. 

Our administration, sales, engineering and accounts teams will continue to work remotely. This has been helped by our rapid adoption of new procedures, a new telephone system and additional IT infrastructure. Our plan is to increase staffing levels, bringing people back into the business in line with the automotive sector’s emergence from this virus. 

In order to minimise risk within the workshops, we have introduced new processes and working hours. In addition, we have launched a second site, specifically tailored to support vehicle collections and deliveries, and to provide a safe environment for sub-contractors to operate from.  

Our manufacturing facilities continue to operate at good capacity in Sweden. We have increased our UK stock holding to ensure that we have the volumes required to accommodate all existing and new orders, ensuring that we can deliver kit quickly and efficiently to our dealers and customers. 

But it’s not over yet. We will continue to remain vigilante and will react to any new guidance or recommendations accordingly.  

So, to summarise: 

  • We have the stock and will continue to do so 
  • We have opened additional facilities 
  • We have introduced new technologies 
  • Our workshop is converting vehicles 
  • And we continue to be open for business 

Finally, thanks go to all our customers and suppliers for your continued support as we navigate through this global crisis. Please continue to stay safe everybody. 

Yours sincerely 

David Sawford

Commercial Director

Edstrom of Sweden Ltd