Renault van racking – Kangoo, Trafic and Master

As one of Europe’s largest car companies, Renault has chosen a flexible and popular car fleet which appeals to customers because of a somewhat lower price, but still with a very high quality. As Renault covers your different car size needs, we in turn cover all your Renault van racking needs. Our Renault van racking are designed and offered for three types of Renault vans: Kangoo, Master and Trafic. They are optimized towards creating a time and work efficient space where everything is in order and easy to find and access.
We offer both complete Renault van racking systems, as well as customized ones based on your needs and demands. Our high quality, long experience in the field and extensive knowledge, in combination with our high standards on product development and testing is what made us who we are today: one of the markets leading actors regarding Renault van racking and accessories.
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System Edströms Renault models

The three Renault van models we develop and create van racking and accessories for are the models Kangoo, Trafic and Master. Three very different, but all the same very efficient and well-designed vans which are some of the best alternatives out on the market of mobile workplaces:

– Renault Kangoo:

The smallest Renault model we provide van racking for is Kangoo. It is a flexible van, optimal for cramped cities, equipped with a range of smart and practical features for comfortable and efficient driving. Kangoo is also equipped with a sliding roof flap for an easier time transporting oversized objects and cargos.

– Renault Trafic:

Smooth lines, chromed grille, full LED spotlights, lights with two functions, distinct light signature and so on. This is Renault Trafic, the middle child. It is a practical, comfortable and safe van equipped with, just as Kangoo, the latest drive and safety technology and functions, creating the ideal combination of smooth and efficient driving, with an extensive cargo space.

– Renault Master:

The largest Renault model we create van racking for is Master. It is a robust and dynamic van available in four different wheelbase lengths and three roof heights, enabling you to create a van with a cargo space based on your needs and demands. It has a load volume of up to 17 m3 and can handle between 1 593 kg to 2 167 kg depending on model. With its self-confident design, slanted foreground, LED light signature and chromed details, its robust design is inspired and reminiscent of American trucks.

Renault van racking and accessories for the mobile working place

Take your Renault van to the next level in both safety and efficiency with System Edströms van racking solutions and accessories. Either pick one of our complete Renault van racking systems designed for the models Kangoo, Trafic or Master, or simply design your own to match yours needs.
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