Internal van racking

Accessories for vans in Sweden: System Edström has the most flexible internal van racking systems for mobile artisans. When developing our systems, we have focused on high quality, high security, and unique flexibility. Thanks to this, you can design our vehicle van racking tailored to your specific van and needs. All our products are crash-tested.

Van racking systems and accessories are our primary products. We also offer complementary products to our internal van racking such as safety products, work lighting, power supply, and other types of accessories for transport vehicles. If you want to know more about in what way you can complement your van racking system to get the most out of your van, do it here -> accessories.

Do you need help with your commercial van racking system? Don’t hesitate to contact us or one of our dealers.

Bespoke Van Racking

We have ready-made proposals for all standard transport vehicles, but it is possible to modify them or design them according to your needs. We have extensive experience building specially designed van racking systems to meet our customers’ needs. However, each transport vehicle and driver are unique. We all have specific wishes and ways of working. With System Edströms high-tech drawing program, you can plan and create sketches of your vehicle directly on our website. Independently or with one of our dealers, you can design layouts and test different van racking to see what suits you and your van the best. Here you can see what your van will look like with van racking systems from System Edström. You can also see the drawings in 3D, which means that you get as close to the actual end result as possible.

Feel free to design your custom van racking systemand save it for later. If you need any advice, our dealers are happy to take a look at your design and provide you with adjustments proposals to make sure your van racking system is the best possible for you. They will help you find the best interior, adjusted according to the needs of you and your van. All systems installed by our experts or approved dealers come with a full five-year warranty. Of course, you can also assemble the interior yourself, there are always general assembly instructions available. If you decide to install the van racking by yourself, we still offer a three-year warranty on the van racking. If you have any questions about installing our internal van racking, give us a call, we’re always here to help.

Van Racking Solutions | System Edstrom
Professional Van Racking Solutions | System Edström

Why you should not build your own bespoke van racking

There are several reasons why you should invest in proper internal van racking from a professional retailer:

  • Safety – Home-built van racking is not as safe because of the materials often used: wood. Wood splinters easily and could potentially act as a projectile if a crash occurs. All of System Edströms’ products are made out of high-durability metal and are crash-tested, ensuring the safety of both you and your tools while driving.
  • Efficiency – You will be far more effective with van racking adapted to your profession.
  • Professional – You will appear as the professional you are with an organised and well-looking van.

Investing in proper van racking systems is often more budget-friendly than building your own van racking. Building your own van racking has a smaller initial cost, but will cost more in the long run. It can’t be moved if you want to switch vans, and complementing your current setup with something down the line is a complex process. In comparison, all of System Edströms products are based on a modular system, allowing you to move them between vans and allows you to easily complement your existing racking system if needed.

Get help from a dealer

Feel free to draw on your own and save your vehicle racking setup to later reconcile it with your nearest dealer for any adjustments and additions. They help you design van racking systems in the UK according to your needs and transport vehicle. Together, you can explore different van racking solutions to find the one that best meets your needs while receiving feedback from professionals. Keep in mind that you also get a 5-year guarantee on both our van racking systems in the UK and the assembly when you hire one of our dealers to assemble it for you.

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Assemble it on your own

Of course, you can also assemble the van racking on your own. We always provide general, easy-to-understand mounting instructions for our van racking systems. If you choose to assemble on your own, you have a 3-year warranty on the vehicle interior. If you have any questions about the assembly or need help, feel free to contact one of our dealers or us directly.

Van Racking Solutions | System Edstrom

Invest in van racking from System Edström

Having a high-quality, robust, and tailored van interior is of great importance in terms of safety and efficiency. You can always further improve the vehicle interior with lighting, shelves, drawers, and other practical van racking and accessories. It is also possible to bring and supplement your van racking system if you change vehicles.

Our van racking solutions

We are, without a doubt, one of the most flexible companies when it comes to vehicle racking. We have built a high-quality system that is robust and connected where our drawers, shelves, and other van racking can be combined indefinitely. So you can design and build van racking for your van exactly how you need it. And if you would like to bring your interior with you when you change cars, it is also possible, where you can easily complete your setup with additional products and accessories if needed.

Under each brand, you will find inspirational pictures and design suggestions for your particular van. There are also lots of van racking and accessories to choose from. Give your van the smartest possible upgrade with System Edström.

What is what?

  1. Drawers: Each drawer is an individual building element. You decide how the drawer cabinet will look.
  2. Shelves: 65 mm high, 180˚ folded edges make the shelf steady and give a soft rounded edge.
  3. Shelf frames: Available in several sizes and models.
  4. Dropfront: Shelves with a fold-down front edge which facilitates access to material for tightly mounted shelves.
  5. Drawer inserts: Inserts with loose dividers where you can make your own configuration.
  6. Plastic bins: Store spare parts and tools.
  7. Tool case: A case that is suitable for an assortment of small parts.


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