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Roof-mounted vs. Internal ladder rack for vans

Electricians, plumbers and carpenters all have certain tools that always need to be in their van. These include ladders. So, what is the best, most effective and safest way to transport and store a ladder in a van?

There are a number of options. Some people prefer roof-mounted ladder racks, while others prefer an internal ladder rack for vans. Both types of van ladder storage have advantages and disadvantages.

The best solution for your fleet depends on a number of factors, such as the length of the ladder. If you need help to determine what type of van ladder storage is ideal for you and your fleet, contact System Edström or one of our resellers for advice.

For the moment, we only offer internal ladder racks for vans. However, we review our products continually, so keep an eye on our new products page.

Roof-mounted ladder racks

If you and your technicians use ladders longer than 40 feet for work, a roof-mounted ladder rack is usually your only option. A ladder that long just won’t fit into the cargo space of a normal-sized van.

Pros and cons of roof-mounted ladder racks:


  • Makes it possible to bring your own ladder to not have to rent other equipment to be able to reach high places.
  • Encourages proper storing of the ladders to free up space within the van.


  • Roof-mounted ladder holders effectively raise the height of the van. This could hinder it when entering certain places, such as parking garages or drive-throughs with low roofs.
  • An increase in ‘hidden’ costs. For example, a roof-mounted ladder rack increases wind resistance, which can affect fuel economy.
  • Could negatively affect productivity as the ladder may need to be cleaned and dried after it has rained or snowed, before entering the premises.
  • Lower life expectancy and compromised safety as the ladder is not sheltered from adverse weather conditions.
  • Increase risk of theft as the ladder is in plain sight.
  • More severe consequences if the ladder falls off as it can damage your own van and surrounding vehicles.

Internal ladder racks

If you are concerned about the cons of roof-mounted van ladder storage, then consider an internal ladder rack for vans. These offer different advantages and disadvantages to roof-mounted ladder racks.

Pros and cons of internal ladder racks:


  • No extra height added.
  • Does not generate any additional wind resistance.
  • Often cheaper than roof-mounted van holders.
  • Always clean and with a longer life expectancy, as they are stored inside.
  • Reduced risk of getting stolen as they are hidden within the van.
  • Less severe consequences if the ladder falls off the racking.
  • Frees up cargo space and floor.


  • Limited space for longer ladders.

Internal ladder rack for vans from System Edström

When choosing van racking for your van fleet, it’s important to choose racking that allows you and your co-workers to work more efficiently and safely. When choosing between a roof-mounted ladder rack and internal van storage, there are three factors to keep in mind: storage capacity requirements, safety implications and productivity.

If you’re unsure which solution is best for you and your van fleet, contact us or one of our resellers. Aside from our internal ladder racks, we offer a wide range of van racking and accessories for some of the largest van manufacturers including Ford, Vauxhall, Fiat and more.