Install a racking system in your Citroën van

Van racking solutions come in all shapes and sizes, for a range of uses and trades. They make transporting goods and equipment much easier and safer, especially if they are fragile or easily displaced.

Citroën vans are ideally suited to racking and storage. The brand offers a range of models that are affordable, easy to maintain and offer a choice of load spaces. So, if you are starting a new business and you need a van to transport equipment, tools or products, Citroën offers a good choice.

System Edström offers a range of racking solutions to suit Citroën vans of any size and storage capacity. We have a number of options to choose from, depending on what you need to store or transport. We can also modify our solutions to suit your needs, and we have a great selection of accessories.

Citroën customisation options


Citroën Berlingo

The new Citroën Berlingo van has the perfect blend of features combining design, modularity and practicality. Its brilliant design provides accessibility through doors as well as windows. With a System Edström van racking system in place, the Berlingo still offers great storage space and comfortable seating for three. It is available in two body types – the standard M and new XL.

Citroën Dispatch

The mid-range Citroën Dispatch is ideal for bigger loads. It is comfortable, reliable and safe. It features some great tech as well, making for more comfortable and safer driving. We can also customise it to your requirements.

Citroën Relay

With our Citroën Relay van racking systems, you can optimise your space to suit your needs. The largest van in the range, it offers even more scope for our innovative racking solutions.

A range of designs are available, including one that offers maximum load space and an adjustable pneumatic rear suspension that lowers or increases the load sill height to make loading easier. What’s more, two sliding doors also make loading and unloading easy.

Why install System Edström van racking?

Internal van racking saves time

By adding shelves, cabinets and other racking accessories, you can increase the usable space in the van. Better organisation of parts and tools also makes your life easier. This improves efficiency and saves you time.

Van racking is a cost-effective option

With so many tools these days being expensive and easy to damage, having better racking keeps them safer and can also save you money.

Van racking systems are flexible

We can customise your van racking system to your requirements. All our installations are done by our expert teams or authorised dealers, to make sure you get the best possible fitting for your van.