In the spotlight: Ford Transit shelving

Ford – one of the world’s biggest car companies with a prestige to match. While they are most known for their private cars, their vans are certainly nothing to scoff at, namely the Ford Transit series. The compact yet flexible Transit Courier, the sophisticated and modern Transit Connect, the robust and innovative Transit Custom, and the smart and powerful Transit Van.

All of them unique and amazing in their own way. But in this article the spotlight won’t be on the different kinds of vehicles Ford offers, no, in this article we will speak about the things you usually don’t see. The equipment working from behind the scene, namely Ford Transit shelving – one of the most important and useful parts within the wide range of Ford van accessories.

In this article we will go over what kinds of different Ford Transit shelving there is, how you go about getting your hands on your own Ford van shelving, and how it can benefit you.

Ford Transit shelving

We offer fully adjustable and customizable shelving and other van racking for the Ford Transit series, allowing them to fit into any racking configuration.

The two standard depths are 300 mm and 470 mm, where they all have a 180 degree overlap on the upper edge, and 65 mm sides keeping your tools and materials safe at all times. The width is fully adjustable where we offer a narrow 160mm shelf which can be mounted near the van roof, possible to equip with both telescopic and fixed width.

Other Ford Transit shelving van accessories for the Custom, Connect, Courier and Van include rubber mats to protect your tools and reduce noise, as well as easily attachable shelf dividers to keep cartons and other storage units in place.


Drop-front shelves

If you have never heard the term “drop-front shelves”, it’s a type of shelf with a fold-down front, and no lip. It provides easy access to your boxes where you can pull them straight out.

They are suitable for fitting either at ground level, or on top of your racking and are suitable for loads up to 70kg. They are available in our standard depths, with the following widths:

          605 mm

          784 mm

          907 mm

          997 mm

          1176 mm

Benefits of shelving

Having shelving helps you optimize the limited space of your cargo space. Shelving is a necessity if you are aiming to achieve a more organized, efficient, productive, safe and orderly work environment.

It provides you with a place to store materials and tools, so you will not risk tripping over them when on the floor. It will act as an assurance that your tools and other equipment will be stored in a safe location and remain undamaged.

Not only that, tools and materials which have not been stored properly could present a life-threatening or at least very damaging risk if you happen to have to suddenly break hard or are involved in a crash.

How do I buy Ford Transit shelving?

At System Edström we give you the option to buy van racking system for the Ford Transit either directly from our website, or through our dealer network – the choice is yours.

You can also contact us directly if you are unsure on how to proceed and we’ll guide you through the process of equipping your Ford Transit Connect, Courier, Custom or Van with the best storage systems on the market.