[Guide] Choosing the right van equipment for your vehicle fleet

You have probably seen your fair share of cargo holds where it looks like a bomb went off. Can you imagine the impression it instils in a customer? Plus, it is neither a fun nor safe environment to work in. Do not let this be your vehicle fleet, choose the right van equipment and van supplies for your vans.

Imagine yourself in a perfectly organised van where each tool, material and component have its own place and there is plenty of room to work. The challenge is to know what van accessories, equipment, and furnishings are right for you and your vans to create the ideal workspace.

An introduction to van accessories and equipment

One of the primary reasons businesses choose vans over trucks is how easy it is to create a tailored, mobile workplace that protects your employees’ tools and equipment and allows them to work efficiently when out in the field. Van equipment and supplies can be adapted in countless ways for specific industries and professions, from plumbers to electricians and many more, as well as the worker’s personal wishes and needs.

There is a huge range of van equipment and van accessories to choose from no matter what industry you and your vehicle fleet are in. But the question is: what do you need?

Essential equipment and supplies for vans

Does it take a long time for your employees to get started? Do they struggle to find the right tools in a reasonable amount of time? Or has the inside of the cargo space been damaged by loose tools and materials?

What type of van accessories and van equipment a person needs depends partly on their profession, but also their personal needs and how they like to work. The ideal setup of van equipment and van supplies is ultimately a tailor-made solution adapted to the individual person’s needs, requirements and wishes.

However, there are a couple of standard accessories and equipment that provide benefits and features for all professions, personalities, and types of vans.

1. Lighting

Good lighting is of great importance when the transport vehicle acts as a mobile workplace. It is a prerequisite for being able to work safely and efficiently regardless of the time of day.

2. Safety equipment

Fire extinguishers, first aid kits, lashing brackets, nylon straps, and rubber stretchers are all important equipment used to make the van a safe place to work.

3. Power supply

Charge battery-powered tools, run larger power tools, charge your mobile phone, or maybe even heat your lunch in a microwave? Power supply comes in handy for most mobile workplaces.

4. Furnishings for shelves and drawers

Plastic trays, compartments, removable cassette drawers. Shelves and drawers can be adapted in countless ways with the help of various van equipment to create a configuration adapted to each individual’s needs and wishes.

5. Tool holder

Hooks, holders, hose/cord holders and clamp fixes are a must have, creating a place to hang various tools, materials as well as clothes to free up floor space and ensure that the most important tools are always close at hand.

Choose the right equipment and supplies for your vehicle fleet with System Edström

It is not just the van racking that makes the transport van more flexible, safe and efficient. And this is just a taste of the van equipment and van supplies you can equip a van with. Accessories for transport vans are of great importance in the total solution that our dealers are more than happy to help you with while you look at van interiors.

Contact System Edström or one of our dealers today for help choosing the right van equipment and van supplies for you and your employees’ vans to turn them into efficient and safe mobile workplaces.