Ford Van Racking: Courier, Connect, Custom and Transit – Tailored towards your needs

Do you own a Ford van? Well, the only thing we can say is: Good choice!

Ford is one of the world’s oldest, biggest and most appreciated car brands. It’s not only a popular brand in the U.S, but it’s also very popular with our craftsmen clients here in the UK. This is understandable considering how reliable, fuel effective and spacious they are.

Our Ford van racking is a perfect fit for their different vans, making them safer and helps you maintain order inside your van and increasing the general comfort and effectivity in your daily work.

Customized Ford van racking

Every individual, every van and every trade are unique in their own way, with their own needs and demands. We acknowledge this demand for flexibility and use a work model which mainly focus on tailor-made van racking solutions based on what you want and need.

With our expertise and an advanced drawing application to help visualize how your van will look with our Ford van racking, we can create the perfect solution for you and your vehicle.

We offer smart complete solutions where we help you through the whole process with both planning and installation. We always offer a 5-year warranty on both the vehicle racking and the installation if you choose to get it installed by System Edström or one of our partners. If you choose to install it yourself, we still offer a 3-year warranty on the van racking itself. If you need assistance installing it, you can always contact us directly and speak to one of our professional mounters.


Ford van models

We offer tailor-made Ford van racking where every piece of equipment and accessory is designed for professional use and can be used within a wide range of trades. The different van models we offer Ford van racking for are:

          Ford Courier

          Ford Connect

          Ford Custom

          Ford Transit

Ford Courier van racking

It may be compact, but with the Ford courier you will get 10% more cargo space compared to other vans in the same weight class. The cargo space is 81,2 cu. ft, can fit a Europallet and has a payload capacity of around 1322-lb. Its smart functions protect you, your cargo and vehicle from the strain of daily work, which in combination with System Edströms Ford Courier van racking creates the optimal mobile workplace. Both Fords vans and our Ford van racking is designed to last a considerable amount of time and minimize the owner cost.

Ford Custom van racking

The Ford Custom have always been famous for its durable quality, high functionality and reliability. It is simply a van you can’t wait to be behind the wheel of. It has the latest high-tech driving functions and is available with two different wheelbase lengths:

          The short wheelbase, L1, come with 124.3 cu. ft. of cargo space and 1,470-lb. payload rating and offers the best maneuverability within the weight class of the Ford Connect.

          The long wheelbase, L2, provides a cargo space of up to 149 cu. ft. of storage and a 1,610-lb. payload rating.

With System Edströms Ford van racking you can make your Custom even more effective and safe on all levels. We help you create the high-level mobile workplace of your dreams

Ford Connect van racking

The Connect is on of Fords most sophisticated vans, and by investing in van racking for your Ford Connect you can make it even more so. The Ford Connect weighs in around 2000-lb and has a cargo weight capacity of 1918-lb. It’s similar to the Custom and is available in the same wheelbase lengths, L1 and L2.

Ford Transit van racking

The big brother in the house of Ford vans is the Ford Transit. It’s available in several different roof heights and with different wheelbase lengths, making it possible for you to maximize the gigantic cargo space, tailored towards your needs.

With such a big cargo space, the need for a systematic way to store tools and materials follows. Our van racking for the Ford Transit is available to all sizes and lengths, helping you create a logical and efficient working space.

The next step in safety, efficiency and reliability: System Edströms Ford van racking

Are you interested in Ford van racking and want to know more about System Edströms Ford van racking accessories? Don’t hesitate to contact us or one of our dealership partners today for more information and help getting started on creating the perfect van racking for your Ford vehicle.