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Why your van should have air suspension

Your van is probably one of your most important tools. That’s why it’s so important that it is comfortable and makes your work easier. Air suspension provides those advantages. In this blog, we’ll cover the subject of air suspension for vans: what it is, why you should upgrade your van with air suspension, and what kind of air suspension we offer. 

What is air suspension?

Air suspension is a type of suspension system that uses compressed air. The system contains air spring bellows, which are filled with air from either an on-board compressor powered by the van’s engine, or from a compressor you can usually find at petrol stations. A control valve is used to control the pressure of the air spring bellows, based on the weight of the van. The air is then transferred from the compressor to the control valve and the bellows by tubes and pipes. Depending on the design, there can be a control valve centrally monitoring the tyres, one for each wheel, or one for each axle. 

Bear in mind that air suspension does not replace the suspension already installed in your van – it complements the existing suspension system. The air suspension will not affect the general suspension in any negative way, nor will it increase the maximum load. 

Five reasons to upgrade

So, why should you upgrade your van with air suspension? There are lots of benefits for vans, pick-up trucks, motorhomes, and lorries equipped with extra air suspension. Here are five::

  1. A van with air suspension offers a much more comfortable driving experience. The suspension ensures your van stays at the same height no matter how heavy the cargo is.
  2. The suspension stabilises the van on the road and improves traction, which increases safety.
  3. The extra suspension provides fuel economy benefits by enabling you to lower the van when driving at high speeds. 
  4. Air suspension makes loading and unloading easier since you can both raise and lower the van. 
  5. Air suspension reduces the likelihood of your van getting stuck off-road or damaging the underbody from uneven or rough terrain and roads.

Equip your van for a more comfortable day on the road 

If you want to feel the difference with air suspension, we recommend equipping your van with an air suspension kit from MAD. If you choose a kit with an associated compressor, you will be able to adjust the suspension at your convenience from the passenger compartment. 

System Edström has installed van racking systems since 1958. Everything we do is based on experience, including our choice of complementary products and accessories. We have chosen to include MAD’s air suspension kits for vans in our assortment as we believe they are the best option on the market. 

Three air suspension kits from MAD’s offered by System Edström

  1. Double air cushion. Fully adjustable, dual chambers enable comfortable and safe driving in all conditions. For vans, larger trucks, and motorhomes.
  2. Black air suspension. Air cushions make the van more stable, comfortable and improve road traction when the van is heavily loaded or when towbars are used. For vans and pick-ups.
  3. Red air suspension. Suspension makes it easy to adjust the air pressure according to all circumstances. For smaller vehicles. 

If you want to increase the comfort and road traction, get your van air suspension from System Edström. You will find a wide range of van racking and complementary products through our dealer network