4 tips for choosing the right van storage systems – Van racking for the mobile workplace

The price is always a big factor to consider when buying van storage systems and other van racking. But sometimes, maybe it shouldn’t.

Your van is one of your most important tools which assures your daily work will be smooth and effective. Your van racking kits should transform your van into a mobile and effective workplace. In this guide to van storage systems and van racking we will cover 4 different tips for choosing the right van racking at the right price.

4 van racking tips and ideas

There’s a lot of different van storage systems and van racking out there to the point where it can be difficult to know which van racking kits is the best choice for you. Here are some foundational van racking tips and ideas to help you find the best van racking for you.

1. Quality and function

We at System Edström usually compare the choice of van racking to the choice of normal tools you use daily. As a craftsman you know a screwdriver is not only a screwdriver.

A cheap screwdriver you can buy for 50 sterlings miles away quality wise from one with a price tag of 600 sterlings. The tool needs to be able to withstand the requirements of your daily tasks. The same principle applies for your van racking. If you choose a cheaper option of shelves, it might punish you later.

2. Choose van racking based on what you need and daily activities

Staring yourself blind on the price tag is to start at the wrong end of the stick. The first step to buying the right van storage systems and van racking is to look what you need in your day-to-day work.

Because how do you think your clients will react when you spend more time looking for things rather than performing your tasks? Your van storage systems and van racking should improve your effectiveness, and as a result from that, help you appear more professional to your clients.

Design Your Own Racking

3. Volume create max capacity in the storage

Quite a few people fall into the trap of choosing van storage systems that is too small for their needs. This generally results in that all tools and materials won’t fit in the storage of the van.

With “Everything in its place” you will benefit in the following ways:

          A fast-overall view of where everything is, allowing you to quickly find what you need

          You will know where everything is and won’t have to dive into the storage and rummage around in the van

          Your co-workers will be able to quickly pick up and put back things they borrow

          Less wastage as you store your things in their own place where they won’t rattle around and risk getting damaged

4. Safety and optimized floor space

If you store a lot of tools and materials on shelfs or in boxes above the floor, there is a risk they will move around while you’re out on the road. A good alternative is to invest in long drawers integrated under the false floor.

This allows you to keep the floor space, gives you a better mass distribution, and is in general a safer option. It’s safer because if you happen to crash, all your tools and materials won’t go flying and risk damaging the van.

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